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0000001Seda's EnhancementsGeneralpublic2024-04-05 07:06
ReporterSeda Assigned ToSeda  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionSE2024 
Target VersionSE2025Fixed in VersionSE2024 
Summary0000001: Inefficient Bug Tracking / Problem Reporting Method
DescriptionThe method used for tracking bugs in Seda's Enhancements is very inefficient.
Steps To Reproduce1. Be me.
2. Try to keep track of bugs.
3. Become frustrated.
Additional InformationThis can be fixed by installing a bug tracker.
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2024-04-05 07:05

reporter   ~0000001

1. Be me.
2. Try to keep track of bugs.
3. Become frustrated.

hello seda, the said steps are correct. please do it again one more time. :thumb:



2024-04-05 07:06

administrator   ~0000002

And now we have a working bug tracker. Fantastic.


2024-04-05 07:06

administrator   ~0000003

This has been fixed with the deployment of; this will be the new home for issue reports related to SE and associated projects.

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